Q:  Do you believe it is a good idea to flush a transmission?

A: The term “flush” is misleading –in forty years I haven’t seen a machine that” flushes”.  What actually happens in a “flush” is more accurately described as a fluid exchange, where the old fluid is mostly pumped out and new fluid is put in. If a vehicle has more than 30,000 miles and has never been “flushed”, it will most likely cause more problems than if it is left alone .The new fluid will break down the built up sludge causing the valves to stick and will result in loss of shifting ability or slipping.


Q:  Why should I bring my vehicle to your shop rather than a dealer?

A: The dealer will only put in a remanufactured transmission.  They do no repairs in house.  At Urbon Transmission, I will fix the cause of the problem.  A transmission is a very complicated component of the drive cycle, and there are many parts that can fail, causing the transmission to stop transmitting power to the drive train.  It is much less expensive to replace what has failed rather than remove and install a completely different unit costing thousands of dollars.  When we rebuild, we check all gear sets and replace all clutches and seals.  We are members of the leading transmission engineering group in the country, and are constantly updated on known trouble parts to prevent future problems.  We also modify the value body and controls to perform better, in most cases, than manufacturer’s specifications.


Q:  Isn’t it cheaper to purchase a used transmission from a junk yard and pay a mechanic to install it in my vehicle?

A:  Yes, it will be less expensive at first.  However, most likely, if your transmission is bad, the one in the vehicle from the junkyard is the same mileage, and will have the same problems yours has.  In addition, you will have to pay someone to install it, which will get expensive quickly.  What happens if the technician installs it and the car still doesn’t move?  He still gets paid, and your car still doesn’t move. Then you have to pay to have a second one installed, which also may, or may not, work. Also, you pay for that one.  Why not just fix what is broken in the original equipment?


Q: My vehicle doesn’t seem to be shifting the way it should – can’t I just go to my regular mechanic?

A:  Sure –I have excellent relationships with the other technicians in the Bennington area.  If they think there is a problem, they will most likely refer you to me.   You can also come directly to the transmission specialist – and save yourself some money. 


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